Basic knowledge of poker

You can and many people do-starting with a few freeroll, online tournaments and work your way to the $10.000 World Record Poker-main event Championship in Las Vegas. Young and old alike taking the game in their millions. However, when I sit at the poker Table-whether it's a local game or casino tournaments-I usually find that modern players rarely accept standard poker education that I was lucky enough to receive. Frankly, it was like taking candy from a baby! Now, I am a thoroughly modern players-most of my hand has been played on the internet-but I am learning my poker before the age of internet and I receive an education thoroughly traditional poker. 

I feel very fortunate to have had such a traditional poker Education. Poker players that modern education is often very narrow by comparison and, although it may sometimes seem, is often very shallow and lacking a fundamental understanding of the game. I've been fascinated by the art of poker ever since I first took interest as a teenager. Maybe it's the poker of his drink cowboy bar that first drew me in- arrangements and we do not accurately recreated in the ambience of our kitchen excavations at the University during our regular Monday night game. It is surrounded by a dirty pot and with a desk almost choked by the glass, an ashtray and a can of cheap beer-which I first learned to play. 

My heart of poker, of course, is still on the kitchen table at the college where some important lessons, not only of the poker, but live, learn! I have been playing poker in a casino in London. I've been playing in Vegas. I've played thousands of hands online. I've been playing heads up, in the full table and in multi table tournaments with thousands of entries. I have been playing for money and I have been playing for big money. I've been playing Hold'Em, Omaha, Stud, draw, and some of the most egregious, bastardised version of a Double-barrelled, high-low, two pots to win, with three interesting and deuces wild poker and seven well known to mankind. 

I am not a famous poker player and playing poker is not a job, but I have gained a lot from playing Poker. What I am is a person who can walk into a typical casino games social games or typical small town and feel confident that I know what I'm doing, confident that there won't be many, and probably not any, people in the game who have nothing approaching my wealth of experience or level of expertise.

Understand, from my perspective, most poker players do not play well. Watch the game in typical was the experience of witnessing the ineptitude of Your poker players who average. Most of the hand is marked by several pieces of bad play, most of which go unnoticed by most of the other players. If I were to walk into a typical home game or the typical casino tournaments, what I'll generally see is a lot of poker players who don't seem to have understood the basics of the game. They have taken ideas from other players, from television or from online gaming and poker magazine. They get, but the basics are missing. You can play poker, you can play successfully, but don't really understand what it is about, what it means, the nature and essence. There are a lot of poker books that teach you the rules of the game. There are many books, often with big name players, who offered to teach You advanced tactics and strategies but there is not so much to teach you to really understand the game. 

Poker books often concentrate on how to play certain hands, on specific tactics and individual plays – but tend to be rather downsize over important principles of the game. I want to encourage you to become a student, expert and an expert on the game, not only other players.